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Shrubs - Page 6

DescriptionDescriptionSoil TypeHeight Approx.Shade/SunMonth Flower 
EvergreenDislikes Chalk and limefontanaesia       
 'Nana' Compact with dark green, bronze-red tinted, leathery leaves and short pendent racemes of wiite flowers along the stems. 50.5-1mFull Sun, Part Shade5-6 
Semi tendercrocothyrosos Golden yellow flowers on arching terminal racemes. Green berries. 5-61.8-2mFull Sun, Part Shade5-8 
 formosana Erect, hollow, grey-green stems with white flowers and claret-coloured bracts followed by large, deep purplish-black berries. 5-61.8-2mFull Sun, Part Shade6-9 
LIGUSTRUM (Privet)   
 'Vicaryi' Golden-yellow leaves, white flower panicles and blue-black berries. 5-62.5-3mFull Sun, Part Shade6-7 
 'Silver Star' Large spreading shub with white margined, camelia-like leaves and dense panicles of white flowers. 5-62-3mFull Sun, Part Shade7-8 
Evergreenlucidum Large glossy green leaves and large handsome panicles of white flowers.      
 'Excelsum Superbum' Leaves marked with pale green, edged with yellow.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-68-10mFull Sun, Part Shade8-9 
 quihoui Elegant Chinese species with large open panicles of fragrant white flowers followed by black-purple berries.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-62.5-3mFull Sun, Part Shade8-9 
 sinensis Large, spreading, free-flowering, with long, dense sprays of white flowers. 5-62.5-3mFull Sun, Part Shade7-8 
 vulgare (Common Privet)       
 variegated Glossy green leaves with a creamy-white margin. Panicles of white flowers followed by black berries. 5-62.5-3mFull Sun, Part Shade7-8 
EvergreenDislikes Chalk and limetinctoria Small suckering Tasmanian shrub with pinnate leaves and yellow flower buds opening fragrant, creamy-white in long spreading racemes at the end of the shoots. 5-61.5mPart Shade6-7 
LONICERA (Shrubby Honeysuckle)   
 'Grandiflora' Flowers larger than the above. 5-61.8-2mFull Sun, Part Shade5-6 
 var. ledebourii Orange-yellow flowers with a persitent red bract and black fruits. 5-61.8-2mFull Sun, Part Shade6-7 
Evergreennitida Small leaved, dense bush used extensively for hedging. 5-63-3.5mFull Sun, Part Shade4-5 
 'Silver Beauty' Small, silver-margined leaves. 5-63-3.5mFull Sun, Part Shade4-5 
 syringantha Sea-green leaves on purple stems with fragrant lilac-pink flowers. 5-61.8-2mFull Sun, Part Shade5-6 
 'Arnold's Red' Rose-pink flowers with sea-green leaves and large red berries. 5-62.5-3mFull Sun, Part Shade5-6 
 'Zabelii' Bright-pink flowers with sea-green leaves and red berries. 5-62.5-3mFull Sun, Part Shade5-6 
 hirsutus (Hairy Canary Clover) Heads of pink-tinged white pea flowers on silver-haired foliage followed by red-tinged seed pods. 620-30cmFull Sun8-10 
 'Brimstone' Young shoots golden-yellow becoming grey-green with yellow tips. 620-30cmFull Sun8-10 
Dislikes Chalk and limesieboldii Cup-shaped, fragrant, white nodding flowers and crimson fruit clusters. 57-8mFull Sun, Part Shade5-8 
Evergreenaquisargentii Viciously spined dark green leaves and clusters of yellow flower. 5-61.5-2mFull Sun, Part Shade4-5 
Evergreenconfusa Sea-green spined leaves on purplish stalks. Upright pale yellow racemes. 5-61.2-1.5mFull Sun, Part Shade9-10 
Evergreenjaponica Lemon-yellow, lily-of-the-valley scented, arching, terminal flower spikes.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-61.5-2mFull Sun, Part Shade10-2 
EvergreenDislikes Chalk and limelomariifolia Closely set pinnate leaves with bright yellow fragrant flowers.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-61.5-2mFull Sun, Part Shade10-2 
Evergreenx media       
 'Charity' Slightly fragrant long spreading deep yellow flower racemes.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-63-4mFull Sun, Part Shade10-2 
EvergreenDislikes Chalk and limenapaulensis Large erect shrub with enormous pinnate leaves and slightly fragrant primrose-yellow flowers. 5-63-4mFull Sun, Part Shade10-2 
EvergreenDislikes Chalk and limeSemi tendercoccinea Small glossy green leaves on spreading growth with orange flowers. 530-60cmPart Shade5-8 
MYRTUS (Myrtle)   
EvergreenSemi tendercommunis Aromatic foliage with white flowers and black berries.      
 ssp. tarentina 'Microphylla' Compact and free-flowering with pink-tinged flowers. 5-630-60cmFull Sun9-11 
 ssp. tarentina 'Variegata' Leaves grey-green narrowly margined creamy-white. 5-630-60cmFull Sun9-11 
NANDINA (Sacred Bamboo)   
Evergreendomestica Attractive compound leaves tinged purple in spring and autumn with large panicles of small white flowers followed by red berries in hot summers.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-61.5-2mFull Sun6-7 
 'Firepower' Compact shrub with yellow green summer foliage and orange-red in winter. 5-61-1.5mFull Sun6-7 
 'Nana Purpureus' Small, compact shrub with broader, reddish-purple leaves. 5-61mFull Sun6-7 
 thibetica Slender terminal racemes of pink tubular flowers on erect downy stems. 5-61.8-2mFull Sun, Part Shade6-7 
OLEARIA (Daisy Bush)   
Evergreencapillaris Small, rounded, grey-green leaves and creamy-white daisies 5-61-1.5mFull Sun6-7 
Evergreencheesemanii Lance-shaped, dark green, leaves. White daisies with a yellow eye. 5-62.5-3mFull Sun4-5 
Evergreenmacrodonta (New Zealand Holly) Sage-green, holly-like leaves. Fragant panicles.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-61.5-2mFull Sun6-7 
Evergreenx mollis       
 'Zennorensis' Narrow, sharply toothed, silvery leaves. Yellow-eyed white daisies.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-61.5-2mFull Sun4-5 
Evergreennummularifolia Small, yellow-green leaves on stiff stems. Solitary, fragrant daisies. 5-61.5-2mFull Sun7-8 
EvergreenDislikes Chalk and limepaniculata Bright olive-green undulating leaves.Fragrant inconspicuous flowers. 5-61.5-2mFull Sun11-12 
 virgata Dense shrub with wiry stems and small flowers. 5-61.5-2mFull Sun6-7 
Evergreenviscosa Very florific with narrow leaves silver underneath on sticky young shoots. 5-61.5-2mFull Sun7-8 
Evergreen'Waikariensis' Compact with grey-green foliage and masses of white daisies. 5-61-1.2mFull Sun6-7 
Evergreenx burkwoodii Compact with glossy green leaves and very fragrant white flowers.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-63-3.5mFull Sun, Part Shade4-5 
Evergreendecorus Large leathery dark green leaves with small white fragrant flowers. 5-62.5-3mFull Sun, Part Shade4-5 
Evergreendelavayi Slow-growing with small finely toothed leaves and very fragrant flowers.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-62-2.5mFull Sun, Part Shade4-5 
Evergreenheterophyllus Holly-like leaves with clusters of small fragrant white flowers.      
 'Aureomarginatus' Leaves with a creamy-white border. 5-61.8-2mFull Sun, Part Shade8-10 
 'Goshiki' Leaves conspicuously mottled with yellow, bronze tinged when young. 5-61.8-2mFull Sun, Part Shade8-10 
 'Myrtifolius' Neat, slow-growing, compact plant with small spineless leaves. 5-61.8-2mFull Sun, Part Shade8-10 
 'Purpureus' Deep purple young growth turning green tinged purple. 5-62-2.5mFull Sun, Part Shade8-10 
Evergreenhookeri Scale-like grey-green leaves on white stems with cream flower clusters. 5-61-1.5mFull Sun7-8 
Evergreenledifolius Yellowish shoots with small green leaves. Red flower buds open white.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-61-1.2mFull Sun6-7 
Evergreenrosmarinifolius Rosemary like foliage on upright white wooly stems.      
 'Silver Jubilee' Silver-grey leaves with fragrant white flowers brick-red in bud.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-62-3mFull Sun6-7 
 delavayi Deeply cut ornamental leaves on upright, suckering growth.      
 var. lutea Golden-yellow King Cup-like flowers followed by large black seeds.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-61.5-2mFull Sun5-6 
 spina-christi (Christ's Thorn) Extremely thorny with small yellow flowers followed by curious woody fruits with a rounded wing. Yellow autumn leaf colour. 5-63-4mFull Sun8-9 
 atriplicifolia A beautiful, small subshrub with grey, aromatic foliage and white stems.      
 'Blue Spire' Deeply cut leaves and large panicles of lavender-blue flowers.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-60.6-1mFull Sun7-8 
PHILADELPHUS (Mock Orange)   
 'Beauclerk' Single, broad, milky-white petals with a light cerise central zone.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-62-2.5mFull Sun, Part Shade6-7 
 'Burfordensis' Large, single, cup-shaped flowers with conspicuous yellow stamens. 5-62-2.5mFull Sun, Part Shade6-7 
 'Manteau d'Hermine' Darf compact shrub. Fragrant creamy-white double flowers.Royal Horticultural Society Award of Merit5-60.7-1.2mFull Sun, Part Shade6-7 
 'Natchez' Large, cup-shaped, white flowers with yellow stamens. 5-62-2.5mFull Sun, Part Shade6-7 
 microphyllus Tiny leaves and tiny, white, richly fragrant flowers on dainty stems. 5-61-1.2mFull Sun, Part Shade6-7 
 purpurascens Masses of sweetly-scented, white flowers with purple calyces. 5-61.8-2mFull Sun, Part Shade6-7 
 'Silberregen' (Silver Showers) Small leaves and showers of fragrant white flowers. 5-61.2-1.5mFull Sun, Part Shade6-7